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The World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+Centre) is a legacy of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and was set up to keep the commitment to sustainable development alive in both action and ideas.  As one of the key outcomes…

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and inform policies and practices that lead to greater social, environmental and economic justice. We do this by….: Gathering and producing research and evidence on paradigms, policies and practices that can successfully address the challenge…

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Our Work

The RIO+Centre provides a hub for dialogue and action where diverse and divergent perspectives on pathways to equitable and sustainable development can be explored and put into policies and practice. We work in alliance with others to help build the…


The Missing Link Part 2: Making a case for climate finance with cash transfer

Environmental concerns and human’s response to environmental risks and climate change have largely been lacking in the design of social protection policies, as was explored in our previous post “The Missing Link Part 1: Incorporating Climate into Social Protection for…

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Can the SDGs help future social protection policy in Brazil?

Going beyond the eradication of extreme poverty: debating the Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil – a brazilian contribution to the World in the new book of CROP

Vulnerable families have access to water and income © UNDP Mauritanie

The Missing Link Part 1: Incorporating Climate into Social Protection for the SDGs

Climate finance in particular presents a potential to institutionally interlink climate and social protection and build the most vulnerable resilience to climate and disaster shocks, ensure that no one is left behind.

© Ricardo Gomes

After Rio 2016: Resilience of Baía de Guanabara targeted in new documentary

In the documentary ‘Baía Urbana’ to be launched in November, Ricardo Gomes uses more than 100 hours of footage as a testament to the resilience of ecosystems and the people of Baía de Guanabara, one of the largest bays on Earth

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RIO+ Young Journalists have last word at The Global Summit

  WHAT: POST SUMMIT PRESS CONFERENCE & OUTCOMES PRESENTATIONS WHO: Invited press/ journalists, Impact investors, Philanthropists, Summit Team Leaders, 8 young journalists working with UNDP. WHAT:  Outcomes and final results from 3 day social innovation forum and follow up Hackathon (Theglobalsummit.org/1pie-hackathon…

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Humans of My World

Countdown to Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The United Nations global campaign “Humans of My World” arrives in Rio de Janeiro

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