Livelihoods and Poverty

CHAPTER PARTICIPATION | DECEMBER 2014 Coordinating Lead Authors: Lennart Olsson, Maggie Opondo, Petra Tschakert Lead Authors: Arun Agrawal, Siri H. Eriksen, Shiming Ma, Leisa N. Perch (RIO+ Centre), Sumaya A. Zakieldeen and others This chapter discusses how livelihoods, poverty and the lives of poor people, and inequality interact with climate change, climate variability, and extreme events in multifaceted and cross-scalar ways. It examines how current impacts of climate change, projected impacts up until 2100, and responses to climate change affect livelihoods and poverty. The Fourth Assessment Report stated that socially and economically disadvantaged and marginalized people are disproportionally affected by climate change. However, no comprehensive review of climate change, poverty, and livelihoods has been undertaken to date by the IPCC. This chapter addresses this gap, presenting evidence of the dynamic interactions between these three principal factors. At the same time, the chapter recognizes that climate change is rarely the only factor that affects livelihood trajectories and poverty dynamics; climate change interacts with a multitude of non-climatic factors, which makes detection and attribution challenging. The RIO+ Centre contribuited to this chapter through the participation of its Policy Specialist Leisa Perch.

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