A Selective Analysis of Policy-Oriented Centres: Potential Lessons For The Rio+ Centre (Summary)

POLICY PRACTICE BRIEF SERIES| N0.1| MAY 2014 Author: Leisa Perch (RIO+ Centre) This Policy Practice Brief presents an overview of an analysis of selected international policy centres conducted in 2013 to inform the planning, strategizing and governance structures of the World Centre for Sustainable Development (also known as the RIO+ Centre). It focuses on a number of operational as well as strategic elements to establishing a policy centre which can deliver cutting-edge thought leadership on key development challenges of the day, facilitate dialogue/debate to advance on action and enable coalition-building between key stakeholders. It reviews UN and non-UN entities, how they function, their audience and engagement strategies and identifies key lessons learned as they have established niche areas of influence, expanded and also have maintained high visibility and impact in the policy space.

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