Our Work

The RIO+Centre provides a hub for dialogue and action where diverse and divergent perspectives on pathways to equitable and sustainable development can be explored and put into policies and practice. We work in alliance with others to help build the evidence, broad-based demand and responses needed to make transformational shifts towards development that promotes social justice while respects environmental balances. We prioritize the global South and interactions between countries and regions of the South while being careful not to reinforce old North-South dichotomies.

The drive to eliminate poverty and address various forms of inequality informs all of RIO+ initiatives and program areas.  Key areas of action:

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 7.16.15 PMSustainable Development Goals: The Rio+20 Conference called for the creation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that can pave a post 2015/post MDG agenda that promotes equitable and sustainable development.  The RIO+Centre is supporting the Brazilian government and its other partners providing analysis and convening dialogues with civil society that can help build well informed positions for the SDG intergovernmental negotiations.


Photo 19. Nicaragua. Environment (1)Inequality, justice and governance: Current models of growth and development have brought the world to record levels of inequality created and sustained by a web of injustices.  The persistence of inequality undermines our ability to shift to patterns of development that are sustainable and promote environmental, social and economic justice.  RIO+ is working to provide evidence, convene debate and create alliances around the policies and practices needed to advance equity while respecting environmental balance.

Poverty and Social Protection: Our work in this area is centered on determining how social protection mechanisms that have shown promising results in reducing poverty and income inequality can be translated into policies and practices to advance sustainable development and the protection of the most vulnerable in the transition towards alternative development practices. 


Photo 19. Philippines. Mayaoyao_tinawon_LiezlGallangi_MAOClimate Change: Our work in the area of Climate Change focuses on determining if and how opportunities driven by responses to climate change such as low GHG emissions’ strategies (i.e. low carbon agriculture) and climate finance among others, can also deliver broader development benefits. Our main contribution will be in understanding how social and environmental policies can work in tandem for sustainable development, connecting key actors to engage in dialogue on solutions and proving how the right mix of policies, institutions and people can sustain progress.

BangladeshFinancing for sustainable development: Moving from current development practices to ones that are less environmentally harmful, score higher on the social agenda and continue to generate growth will require both financial resources and political will.  RIO+ is working with large financial institutions in Brazil to develop criteria for channeling financing that is rooted in the principles of sustainable development.


Learn more about our work in the RIO+ Centre Framing Document