Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and inform policies and practices that lead to greater social, environmental and economic justice. We do this by….:

  • Gathering and producing research and evidence on paradigms, policies and practices that can successfully address the challenge of equitable and sustainable development
  • Triggering broad based dialogue, debate and action around practical approaches for the implementation and monitoring of sustainable human development
  • Building coalitions for change that can mobilize and influence change at national and international levels.

Using a combination of these, RIO+ promotes change that is rooted in the principles of equitable and sustainable development, recognizing different thoughts, interests and approaches while always looking for broad engagement that puts people first, particularly those who are traditionally excluded and unheard.

Through our work we seek to continuously shape the concept of sustainable development to be true to its spirit of integrated social, economic and environmental development that is about people and is based on justice.  RIO+ is a champion of this conceptualization of sustainable development keenly aware of the political dynamics of its implementation. To this end RIO+ aims to shift the terms of the debate within countries and internationally, and to encourage the appropriation of sustainable development frameworks that can serve as a benchmark against which to measure progress. Striking the right combination of evidence, dialogue and action will put us on the right track to achieving these objectives.

Learn more about us in the RIO+ Centre Framing Document