PRESS RELEASE: The Primavera 2017 Screening Agenda of the documentary ‘Urban Bay’

The UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+ Centre) is pleased to announce that during this spring, the documentary Baia Urbana (or Urban Bay) will continue to be screened internationally, nationally and, foremost, in Rio de Janeiro, in honor of the city that inspired the marine biologist Ricardo Gomes to dive into the yet unknown underwater life of Guanabara Bay. 

The documentary Urban Bay explores the biodiversity of Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, and addresses three serious problems affecting the oceans: pollution, ocean acidification and global warming.

Its international launch took place on 02 June 2017 at the Buenos Aires International Human Rights Film Festival (avant-première) followed by global screenings in New York City at the UN Oceans Conference, and the event Urban Bay: Eyes Wide Open Under Rio de Janeiro's Ocean co-organized by Columbia University and the RIO+ Centre in an effort to raise awareness on the needs for ocean’s recuperation and the 2030 Agenda. Last month, the documentary was nationally launched at Espaço Itaú in Rio de Janeiro at a special exhibition of Filmambiente Festival, following the RIO+ Talk “Sustainable Solutions for the Urban Bays and Agenda 2030” that took place at the Institute of Economics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (PPED-IE / UFRJ) on 25 September in an effort to engage academia and civil society in promoting the SDG#14, Life Below Water.

Interested in the Primavera screening agenda? Check out the upcoming events:

Cine Eco Seia: Lusofonia Longas (Portuguese Language Feature Films Competition)

  • Date:   16 October 2017
  •   Time: 15h30 P.M. - 17h00 P.M.
  • Location:  Casa Municipal da Cultura de Seia, Av. Luís Vaz de Camões, 6270 – 484 Seia, Portugal

VIIISapis/III Elapis 2017: Cine Debate “Urban Bay”

  • Date:   20 October 2017
  • Time:: 17h30 P.M. - 20h30 P.M.
  •   Location:     School of Law of the Federal Fluminense University  (Universidade Federal Fluminense) - R. Tiradentes, 17 - Ingá - Bairro Ingá -  Niterói, RJ
  • Invited Speakers:  Professor    Natalie Freret-Meurer, Professor Carlos Eduardo Frickmann Young (PPED, IE-UFRJ)   Ariel Kozlowski (Executive Director of  Urban Sea Institute)
  • Registration for attendance of the Seminar through email with title “OUVINTE SAPIS 2017”. at: 

[The fee for only attending the Seminar is R$10,00. No certificate will be provided by the organization committee of VIII SAPIS / III ELAPIS]

Exhibition at the charity event Triple Crown   (organized by Thunderstorm)

  • Date:   21 October 2017
  • Time: 18h30 P.M. - 20h00 P.M.
  • Location:  Theater House  (CASA DE TEATRO in Portuguese)  -  Porto Alegre
  • Fee:  Donations for access to the 3-day event  (20-22 October 2017)


UFF- Open Doors: Exhibition of the documentary ‘Urban Bay’

  • Date:    27 October 2017
  • Time:    14h30 P.M. - 16h00 P.M.
  •   Location:  Auditório Milton Santos -Instituto de Geociências, Praia Vermelha/ UFF -Niteroi, RJ
  •   Free admission. No previous registration is necessary

Opening Ceremony of the 1st National Seminar on Combating Waste at Sea


Cine Eco Seia 2017 Festival Extended- Public Session with the exhibition of the awarded documentary 'Urban Bay'

  • Date:    16 November 2017
  • Time:   21h00   P.M.    -  22h15    P.M.
  • Location:  Teatro Faialense, Faial -Açores/ Portugal
  • Entrance: 2.00€ as contribution for the reforestation of the burned area in the Municipality of Seia

Exhibition of the documentary 'Urban Bay' at MIMPI Festival

  • Date:   20 November 2017
  • Time:  17h00 P.M. - 19h00 P.M.
  • Location:   Parque Lage - Rua Jardim Botânico 414, Rio de Janeiro,RJ 
  •  Free admission. No previous registration is necessary 
  •  More info at:

Discussing Urban Bays at UERJ

  • Date:   30 November 2017
  • Time:  14h00 P.M. - 16h00 P.M.
  • Location:   Auditório (5th floor) , Centro Acadêmico de Oceanografia/UERJ - Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • Invited Speakers:    Ricardo Gomes -producer and marine biologist- , Leticia Cotrim da Cunha, Mario Soares (to be confirmed) ,  Jose Lailson Brito Junior   (to be confirmed)  
  •   Free admission. No previous registration is necessary 
  •  More info at: 

Exhibition of the film 'Urban Bay'-MDA

  • Date:  06 February 2018
  • Time:  15h00 P.M. - 16h00 P.M.
  • Location:  Museu do Amanhã - Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  •   Free admission. Previous registration is necessary ( in due time the link will be available)

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