New film shows SDG action through music and arts

On 17 May 2017, Cine Odeon in Rio hosted the launch event of the global documentary inpired in UNDP’s pioneer collaboration with musicians and artists from Rio de Janeiro’s suburbs 

With the objective of bringing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda closer to the daily life of citizens from the suburbs, the United Nations has partnered with the open group of musicians “Baixada Never Gives Up”, a group of artists and influential musicians representing the local culture of Baixada Fluminense in Rio’s metropolitan region. They participate in the pilot project “Music to Advance Sustainable Development”, which kicked off on June last year.

The partnership is committed to transform the image of Baixada Fluminense from a violent region into a pool of talents that disseminates culture and sustainability and will deliver a model for replication in UNDP country offices in 166 countries.  The Baixada Fluminense region is composed by the municipalities of Belford Roxo, Itaguaí, Japeri, Mesquita, Nilópolis, Nova Iguaçu, Paracambi, Queimados, Seropédica, Duque de Caxias, Guapimirim, Magé and São João de Meriti, and has about 4 million inhabitants.

Inspired by this pioneer initiative, film makers Christian Tragni (Italy) and Juliana Spinola (Brazil) produced the 66-minute documentary film “Baixada Never Gives Up”. Produced on January-February 2017, the film ilustrates how music and arts can be very powerful tools to encourage change and engage citizens in action for sustainable development. The grand première counted with the collaboration of the Odeon Theatre, a key reference in cinema and arts in Rio, established in 1926. The event was held on 17 May 2017 with full-house.

The UNDP pilot project is being implemented in partnership with musicians and artists from Rio’s Baixada region. The film showcases the powerful and transformative role that citizens and civil society organizations can play in sustainable development and supporting their local and national governments to be more accountable in delivering on global promises.

After the screening of the film, a major concert performed by the group of musicians “Baixada Never Gives Up” was held for the first time to promote the songs of the EP CD "Baixada Nunca Se Rende".

Dida Nascimento (coordinator of the Donana Cultural Center), Banda Spiral (São João de Meriti), Banda Gente (Mesquita), Neco Trindade, Eddi MC (Belford Roxo), Ras Bernardo (Nova Iguaçu) and Marrone Recarregue (Belford Roxo) are some of the musicians of the open group “Baixada Never Gives Up” that will present the new songs inspired in the 2030 Agenda themes.

The RIO + Centre is one of the six UNDP global policy centres and was established as a partnership between the UN Development Programme and the Brazilian government. The RIO+ Centre is as a legacy of the landmark Rio+20 Conference of 2012. The implementation of the pilot project “Music to Advance Development”, in partnership with the open collective of musicians “Baixada Never Gives Up”, has already mobilized almost 200 musicians and bands from the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

Grand première of the documentary “Baixada Never Gives Up”
Date: 17 May 2017, Wednesday
Venue: Odeon Theatre, Praça Floriano, 07 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ.
Timing: 6:30pm-8:30pm
The launch event of the documentary will be open to the public, with free admission.

RIO+ Centre
Francisco Filho: or (21) 3534 5127/5122
Brenda Sachiko Hada: or (19) 997 075 533

Open Group of Musicians “Baixada Nunca Rende”
Renata Cobre: or (21) 969 645 732
Eddi MC: or (21) 974 734 974