Arts & Culture for Sustainable Development

Photo by UNDP/Brenda Hada

United Nations confirms participation in the largest literature festival of the Southern Hemisphere. The 15th edition of the renowned festival of Paraty on 26-30 July is expected to bring together up to 20,000 authors, intellectuals and engaged citizens in the historic town located South of Rio de Janeiro  

Arts and culture can play a major role in engaging citizens to take action for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The cultural sector has a unique convening power, bringing together people from different generations, political views and educational background. Cultural activities, especially music and literature, have also a fantastic outreach power, reaching out to millions and millions of ordinary citizens. With this in mind, the UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro (RIO+ Centre) has partnered with LIBRE (Brazilian League of Printing Houses) to organize a special session on “Creative Territories and Sustainability” at the largest and most important literary festival of the Southern Hemisphere, held in the historic city of Paraty in Rio de Janeiro. UNDP’s session will be featured at the Libre House (Casa Libre) in downtown Paraty, on the busiest night of the Paraty Festival, 28 July 2017 (Friday).

The FLIP – International Literary Festival of Paraty celebrates in 2017 its 15th anniversary paying a tribute to Lima Barreto (1881-1922), one of the most important references in the history of the literature in Portuguese language. FLIP is the largest literature festival in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing together over 20,000 intellectuals, opinion makers, and artists from all over the Global South. FLIP is held in the historic city of Paraty, located 250 km from Rio de Janeiro, a place rich of tradition, culture and diversity, home of Guarani indigenous tribes as well as quilombola villages, reminiscences of runaway African slaves.

This year’s edition celebrates the legacy of Lima Barreto, a legend in Brazilian literature and culture. An afro descendant author from Rio de Janeiro, Lima Barreto played a major role in advocating for social inclusion and denouncing unacceptable levels of income inequality and racial discrimination. Due to the relevance of the issues brought by Lima Barreto nearly a century ago to the current 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its ethos of ‘Leaving No One Behind’, the UNDP RIO+ Centre has partnered with Casa Libre in the organization of a special panel at FLIP 2017 dedicated to “Excluded Territories and Sustainability”. This special event will offer a unique opportunity to mobilize opinion makers in the arts, music and literature scenes to take action for the 2030 Agenda.

The UNDP RIO+ Centre is a legacy of the landmark Rio+ 20 Conference of 2012, held in Rio de Janeiro. Rio+ 20 was the birthplace of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global action plan to accelerate the transition towards sustainable development. The UNDP global policy centre in Rio de Janeiro is dedicated to keeping alive the commitments from Rio+ 20 by applying creative approaches and methodologies to ‘Leaving No One Behind’ and engaging citizens in the implementation of the SDGs. By working with musicians, filmmakers, artists, grassroots organizations in the development of innovative pilot projects, the Centre offers new methodologies for replication by UNDP country offices in 166 countries.


8 pm – 8:35 pm     Panel on Creative Territories: Rio’s Baixada region

Moderator: Layla Saad, Deputy Director of the UNDP RIO+ Centre, Rio de Janeiro

·  Iolly Amâncio, Singer, member of Banda Gente, and participant of the UNDP-sponsored Open Collective of Musicians “Baixada Never Gives Up” (10 min)

· Da Gahma, Singer, Founder of Cidade Negra band and participant of “Baixada Never Gives Up” (10 min)

· Debate with the participants (15min)

8:35 pm – 9:40 pm    Film + Debate: Exhibition of the Documentary Film “Baixada Never Gives Up”, directed by Juliana Spinola (Brazil) and Christian Tragni

9:40 pm    Debate with participants and closure of the Panel.


“Creative Territories and Sustainability” Special Session at FLIP 2017

Date: 28 July 2017, Friday

Timing: 8pm-10pm     

Venue: Casa Libre, Rua da Lapa, 8 – Paraty, Brazil



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