RIO+ Center participates in the Internalization of the Sustainable Development Objectives Seminar

The construction of a new mentality was one of the proposals pointed out during the seminar of the Strategic Development Forum of the State of Rio de Janeiro in collaboration with the School of the Legislative Assembly of ALERJ, held on August 7, 2018, to discuss the promotion of the objectives of development that set goals such as the eradication of poverty by 2030. Altogether there are 17 SDGs that include 169 sub-items treated as goals on the agenda.

Study data presented at the Seminar pointed out that in the last 100 years humans have destroyed nature more than in previous millennia. Another point is garbage, one of the biggest problems on the environment.

The General Secretary of the Forum, Geiza Rocha believes in building more actions based on the challenges highlighted at the meeting. According to the secretary, it should be thought how to deal with the matter in practice, be it in the work of the parliamentarians and the staff, observing what are the goals and objectives that are being fulfilled of the activities of the parliament.

The Attorney General of the State of Rio Sérgio Cavalieri, stressed that the greater activity must focus on public power, since it is possible, for example, to eliminate companies that destroy the ecosystem.

The General Coordinator of Ecocamera Vicente Braga, cited the example of saving R$ 27,000,000.00 with water consumption in the chamber of deputies and pointed out that larger actions can be thought together with states and municipalities and that the best way can be the union of forces from a network of sustainability.

Lorenzo Casagrande, Rio + / UNDP Engagement Officer, emphasized that the so-called "5 P's" (Peace, Partnership, People, Planet and Prosperity) strengthen the idea of ​​balance and of meeting global needs. During his presentation he demonstrated the roles of parliamentarians in the implementation of the SDGs.


Check out the Lorenzo Casagrande’s presentation.

Source: Alerj 

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