Global Forum on Innovation and Technology for Sustainability - FITS 2018

Photo: CITS

To discuss how innovation and technology can accelerate the process of achieving sustainable development based on the implementation of Agenda 2030. This is the goal of the 1st Global Forum on Innovation and Technology for Sustainability, which began on the 28th of November at the Museum of Tomorrow in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Over the course of two days, national and international experts from governments, the private sector, civil society, academia and international organizations will participate in discussions on food security, infrastructure, labor and employment and development with a focus on sustainable development.

The UN Assistant Secretary General and Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Luiz Felipe López-Calva, highlighted the relationship between technology, innovation and sustainable development.

"Innovation is key for countries to advance their economies. We also have the Agenda 2030, a commitment signed by the countries that serves as a guide so that we can accelerate the process for achieving sustainable development. Innovation and technology are allied tools in the definition of inclusive and sustainable public policies," said the UNDP Regional Director.

Sussex University professor Johan Schot, who attended the opening alongside Luiz Felipe López-Calva, said the technology is a central tool for achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. "There are many challenges for achieving sustainable development, but technology is a strong ally in this process. The SDGs provide a guideline for developing actions and initiatives that focus on sustainability," said Johan Schot.

During the opening of the event Resident Coordinator of the UN System in Brazil and UNDP Resident Representative in the country, Niky Fabiancic, also pointed out that it is necessary to understand the changes that the fourth industrial revolution that is currently unfolding is bringing about. It is forcing changes in the status quo of the labour market, providing the ground for new business models and offering new solutions that increasingly take sustainability and inclusion into consideration as even set them as a goal.

"We are living the fourth industrial revolution. Business models and traditional methods of production are seriously threatened. Artificial intelligence will make businesses, cities and health systems, education and production of food, goods and services, and the labor market change dramatically. This event seeks to understand the advances in research areas and technological innovations for the economic sector, as well as to encourage new social and environmental solutions that help society and make countries more sustainable and inclusive, "said Niky Fabiancic.

Directo of the Global Centre for Innovation and Technology in Sustainability, Alice Abreu, stressed that the FITS is an event to "share knowledge and experiences and will have discussions and debates that will promote productive meetings to strengthen sustainable development."

Director of Scientific Development of the Museum of Tomorrow, Alfredo Tolmasquim said that the theme of innovation and technology is fundamental to the development of the planet. "Climate change is a reality. And if we do not think of innovative solutions, we will suffer the consequences", he said.



The 1st Global Forum on Innovation and Technology for Sustainability took place on 28 and 29 of November, in the Museum of Tomorrow, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The full schedule of the event is available at as well as the live broadcast of the debates. FITS is co-organized between the Rio + Center for Sustainable Development of UNDP, the Global Center for Innovation and Technology for Sustainability and the Museum of Tomorrow.

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