Mainstreaming Gender-Appropriate Strategies for CSA in Southern Africa – Methodological Approach

Click here to access the PDF
Author: Leisa Perch

In planning for and implementing the Assessment on Gender and CSA in five South African countries, the RIO+ Centre first developed a methodological approach considering the main questions to be explored, how to engage with stakeholders and the types of results that could be forthcoming to shape engagement, dialogue and debate on the role of gender in climate-smart agriculture. Three key questions were defined and four spaces of engagement on Gender and CSA. The thinking behind these and the key tools utilized are described in this report and the results are reflected in a number of other reports including the Survey Results Report (pending). It sets out the frame for the why, the what, the who and then of the assessment and the implications for the broader sustainable development agenda. Already, the approach has generated a case study on Mozambique with more to follow. It can be found in RIO+ Centre’s publications library.

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