Youth 2030: Paths and Learnings for a Sustainable World

Photo by CIEDS

By Lorenzo Casagrande

It is now available on our website the publication "Youth 2030: Paths and Learnings for a SustainableWorld." The publication was launched on October 18, at the National Historical Museum in Rio de Janeiro.

The booklet, the result of a year work of youth from the Young Journalists Program - a partnership between the UNDP RIO+ Centre and CIEDS - brings the visions of seven young people from public schools in the great Rio de Janeiro city area on the role of youth in building a more inclusive, fair and democratic society. It presents paths and experiences that were carried out in the city of Rio de Janeiro in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highlighting the youth's own role in fulfilling this agenda, giving visibility to stories and experiences through the perspective of young journalists.

The project also aims to bring young people closer to the 2030 Agenda and democratize the access to information. The project promotes the role of youth as producers of content and opinion, taking advantage of alternative media and new channels.

Participants were trained on journalistic practice and covered events related to the 2030 Agenda, as well as searching for ideas, initiatives and projects in their neighborhoods, communities in the city of Rio de Janeiro that somehow contribute to achieving the SDGs.

According to the Director of the RIO+ Centre, Dr. Romulo Paes, the Young Journalist project “developed a methodology that enables the multiplication of information that is qualified and that truly touches people. What we are learning is precisely how to prepare the young communicators for this task to reach those who, in fact, will implement 2030 Agenda: the youth."

Vandré Brilhante, president of CIEDS, believes that "more than informing and making young people aware of their rights, duties and other realities, it is necessary to give young people the role of authors of their destiny, authors of their transformations for adulthood and the exercise of becoming the change makers transformers of their realities into better scenarios for themselves and for the world. "

"Thanks to the project I was able to find out what my preferences tastes are regarding communication. I just have to thank the opportunity that CIEDS gave us of discovering ourselves, of being able to express our voice and show that youth is also capable ", says Victor Hugo, 17, one of the participants of the program.

Today's youth need to assume the role of protagonists in building the future we want by 2030. The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals necessarily depends on the participation and action of today's young people. It is our wish that this Young Journalists project will inspire other UNDP offices as well as countries to replicate similar models.

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