UNDP RIO+ Centre launches campaign about SDGs at FLIP 2017

In partnership with Casa Libre and Nuvem de Livros, the UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+ Centre) will host a special panel about creative territories on Friday, 28 July together with a campaign to popularize the Sustainable Development Goals through music, arts and literature, from 27 to 29 July at Paraty’s International Literature Party (FLIP).

“Changing the world through music, arts and literature is possible”, this is the positive message that the RIO+ Centre, one of UNDP’s six global policy centres, intends to convey at Paraty’s traditional International Literature Party (FLIP) happening from 26 to 30 July. Complementing the Special Panel presented by the artists Iolly Amâncio, Da Gahma and moderated by Layla Saad at Rua da Lapa, n8, at Paraty’s historic centre, a campaign will also be held presenting the sustainable development goals to writers, authors, musicians, journalists and participants of the event.

According to the Deputy Director of RIO+ Centre and idealizer of the Music to Advance Sustainable Development project, Layla Saad, “music, literature and arts are powerful tools to engage citizens to an Agenda that belongs to all of us. The Sustainable Development Goals were ratified by 193 countries, however, in order to succeed with this global agenda, everyone needs to be involved”.

According to Da Gahma, musician, singer, one of the founders of the band Cidade Negra and participant of the open group of musicians “Baixada Nunca Se Rende”, this kind of approach coming from the United Nations is very important to value the cultural and artistic potential of a region that is so vulnerable and stigmatized.

This year’s edition celebrates the legacy of Lima Barreto, an icon of Brazilian literature and culture. As an afrodescendent author from Rio de Janeiro, Lima Barreto played an important role in defending social inclusion and denouncing unacceptable levels of income inequality and racial discrimination. The special panel – Creative territories and Sustainability: Baixada Fluminense, will discuss issues such as racism, gender equality and violence, delving into reflections about Lima Barreto’s contemporary pieces and the Unites Nations’ ethos of “Leaving No One Behind”.

The campaign about the Sustainable Development Goals will be held on the main tourist spots across the city of Paraty and will be a timely opportunity to mobilize national and international renowned figures on the fields of arts, music and literature to support the 2030 Agenda.

The UNDP RIO+ Centre is a legacy of the RIO+20 conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. The RIO+20 gave birth to the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global action plan to catalyze the transition towards sustainable development. The global policy centre in Rio (RIO+ Centre) is dedicated to maintain the commitments made during the RIO+20 alive by exploring creative approaches to “Leave No One Behind” and engaging citizen groups in the implementation of the SDGs. By working with musicians, artists and piloting innovative projects, RIO+ Centre draws on new ideas and develops creative methodologies that can be replicated across UNDP country offices worldwide.


Special session “Creative Territories and Sustainability” at FLIP 2017

Date: Friday, 28 May, 2017

Time: 20h-22h

Local: Casa Libre, Rua da Lapa, 8 – Paraty, Brazil

Support: Bibliomundi and Meta Solutions

Campaign for the SDGs: 27-30 July in the main tourist points in Paraty


20h – 20hh35min – Panel on Creative Territories: Baixada Fluminense

Moderator: Layla Saad, Deputy Director at RIO+ Centre

• Iolly Amâncio, singer, member of Banda Gente and participant of the open working group “Baixada Nunca Se Rende (10 min)

• Da Gahma, singer, founder of Cidade Negra and participant of the open working group “Baixada Nunca Se Rende (10 min)

• Debate with the participants (15 min)

20h35min – 21h40min - Film + Debate: Screening of the documentary “Baixada Nunca Se Rende”, directed by Juliana Spinola (Brasil) and Christian Tragni (Italy), 65 min

21h40min – Questions and Answers

Contact for the press

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Denise Silveira, Communications Unit denise.silveira@undp.org; + 55 21 999 444 888

Casa LIBRE and Nuvem de Livros:

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