From reducing poverty and providing basic services, to ensuring inclusive and equal societies, our relationship with the environment and ecosystems is a key determinant in achieving sustainable development. Organizations, governments, and communities are increasingly realizing this, seeing that clean water and air and forested and protected areas actually contribute and play a large role in creating the world we want.

Acknowledging this, the RIO+ Centre works to support both citizen and government initiatives that not only give proper value to the environment, but that also reduce the impact that natural resource degradation and climate change has on the most marginalized and vulnerable communities. By promoting integrated and holistic planning, the RIO+ emphasizes the importance of recognizing the links between the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development.

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Changing Climate- Changing Participation the case for Environmental Justice and less Hubris in the post 2015 agenda

Sustainable Development, in theory, means the positive interaction of the global environment wit...

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