About Us

The World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+Centre) is a legacy of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and was set up to keep the commitment to sustainable development alive in both action and ideas.  As one of the key outcomes of Rio+20, the RIO+Centre is guided by the Conferences Future We Want Outcome Document which reaffirms the inextricable link between social, economic and environmental policies for the achievement of sustainable development and human well-being.  Within this broad realization, the urgent need for reducing various forms of inequalities, promoting equitable economic growth and protecting the natural resource base of economic and social development came out as clear imperatives.

Established in June 2013 through a partnership between UNDP and the Government of Brazil, the RIO+Centre provides a hub for broad based dialogue and action that can help shift paradigms and contribute practical solutions for the achievement of a more equitable and sustainable world. As a global Centre based in the Global South, RIO+ aims to bolster South-South Cooperation and facilitate the participation of traditionally excluded and underrepresented countries in national and international efforts on sustainable development.

Based in downtown Rio de Janeiro, RIO+ brings together a broad international consortium of founding partners, ranging from governments to NGOs, the United Nations, universities, think-tanks and the private sector.

In line with its participatory nature, the RIO+Centre has relied on the perspectives of various practitioners to guide its conceptualization and agenda.

Please refer to the RIO+ Centre Framing Document and the 15 Key Messages that emerged from this Strategic Planning Process.

The RIO+ Centre is one of UNDP’s six Global Centres of Excellence.