The Huffington Post: More Researchers and Glocal Commitment

The Huffington Post has featured an article by contributor Gaia Paradiso explaining the importance of think-tanks and research institutions based in the Global South for renewed thinking and action on global development.

The full article is available on The Huffington Post website. Some key highlights and the reference made to the RIO+ Centre’s contributions are given below:

Policies need some rethinking, starting from local researchers contributing to the global knowledge and to guide policy makers to make sound policies and politicians to make the right decisions for their countries, and for the economic and social development and progress of their regions, expanding it to the good and ethical behavior of each and everyone of us, for the entire planet.
We need encouragement, motivation and constant positivity. If things get worse, we are able to stand up again, we need common engagement towards local and social issues, best practices and stories that keep inspiring us to do good and act good in the world.
Rio + World Centre for Sustainable Development, a hub for dialogue and action where diverse and divergent perspectives on pathways to equitable and sustainable development can be explored and put into policies and practices: the Centre especially tackles and discusses poverty eradication, the sustainable development goals, inequality, justice and governance, climate change, financing for sustainable development and social protection, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Source: The Huffington Post; article named “More Researchers and Glocal Commitment“, by Gaia Paradiso, published on 18 January 2017.

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