UNDP to launch documentary coproduced with Rio’s youth

Photo credit: Samuel Yoo Photography

A pioneering initiative to mobilize the youth for sustainable development becomes a model for 166 countries and produces a documentary that will be released in the Odeon Cinema in September

A group of 30 students from Rio de Janeiro participated in a UNDP pilot initiative to create a youth engagement model to be exported to 166 countries. In the course of a semester, called Sustainable Development Semester, volunteer students from the Escola Nacional de Seguros (ENS) took the streets of Rio and the Baixada Fluminense (metropolitan region) to publicize the new 2030 Agenda via cataloging grassroots initiatives and creative businesses that are already making a difference in building a more sustainable and just world.

With cell phones in hand, volunteers recorded the stories, lessons, and recommendations from citizens committed to sustainable development to encourage sustainable actions and businesses in other parts of Brazil and the world. With the support of local documentary producers, photographers and filmmakers, which also participated in the initiative as volunteers, the students produced a documentary that will be released in September in the historical Cinema Odeon, in Cinelandia, and distributed to the 166 countries where UNDP works. Called “ScenaRIO: Sustainability in Action“, the 25-minute documentary features 16 initiatives and creative businesses from all regions of Rio and the Baixada region.

The documentary warns that, given the increasing awareness of consumers and citizens in general about the adverse effects of climate change and the depletion of natural planet resources, the businesses that embrace sustainability are much more likely to thrive and generate positive change in communities and cities. In addition to showing the world that sustainability is increasingly present in the daily lives of small businesses and popular Brazilian enterprises, this model of engaging young people as protagonists in building content and knowledge to the UN, will also serve as manual for replicability around the world.

For Layla Saad, deputy director of the UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development, the RIO+ Centre, “this documentary will show the world that the energy, excitement and openness that marked the Rio + 20 Conference are still alive and active, represented by inspiring initiatives, blossoming across the city.” Rio + 20 was the largest United Nations conference in history. It was this great event held in Rio in 2012 that sowed the seeds of the new UN agenda for sustainable development, consisting of 17 goals to be achieved by all 193 member countries of the Organization by the year 2030. This new global action plan to advance sustainable development entered into force on 1 January 2016, calling on citizens, businesses, civil society organizations, local, state and federal governments around the world to take action to ensure that the fruits of development and progress reach all people, while respecting Planet Earth’s natural limits.

One of the legacies of the Rio+ 20 Conference, the RIO+ Centre supports UN Member States to implement concrete actions towards the 2030 Agenda and also develops structural initiatives to position citizens as agents of transformation, promoting the development of an active citizenship, more connected to the global agenda for sustainability. For the deputy director of the RIO+ Centre, ‘young people are the engine of change, transformation for sustainable development. We understand that mobilizing young people to take action for sustainable development is a collaborative process in which they are equal players in the construction of tools and practices. ”

Participate in the Global Première Event of “ScenaRIO: Sustainability in Action”

Date and timing: 21 September 2016, Wednesday, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Venue: Cinema Odeon – Praça Marechal Floriano, 7 – Cinelândia, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Registration: Free admission, but previous online registration is mandatory. Register here: bit.ly/CenaRIOpremiere

“ScenaRIO” Preview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgh0jmOjq84





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