Carioca students show the Marvelous City in a new light

By Isabel Salgado. Translated by Daniela Guzman, With collaboration of the Young Journalist students.
Students from the public network of schools in Rio de Janeiro will volunteer as journalists during the Olympic Games in a joint project coordinated by CIEDS and UN.
The Olympics have begun and Rio is in the global spotlight. But what do we want to show to the international press that will be in town? Students in the Young Journalists program are already trying to answer that question.
To produce these stories, young people have already started training with Colombian-American journalist Daniela Guzmán Peña, formerly of The New York Times News Service and Syndicate and the Miami Herald. Daniela will also be responsible for supporting students throughout the program. “The program was created to change the way we think of the media and diversify it by finding different ways of communicating. In the Young Journalists program, the student is part of that diversification, since they have a different perspective and can give a voice to Cariocas,” Daniela said.
Already, CIEDS and the Center RIO+ are completing training with workshops on sustainable development and on the 2030 UN Agenda. “Ban Ki-moon (UN Secretary General) listed youth as a major force for social transformation. So if we want to make the planet a better place to live within the limits of nature, we must work with today’s youth, especially because they will be the leaders in 15 years,” Francisco Filho, Communications Coordinator of RIO+ Center pointed out.
The Young Journalists program gives voice to ten Carioca public school students who, during the Olympics and Paralympics, will act as volunteer journalists identifying innovative initiatives that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.
The program is a partnership of CIEDS with the World Centre for Sustainable Development – RIO+ Center of United Nations Development Programme – UNDP. You can see the content produced by the young volunteers on the sites for RIO+ Center. They will also be distributed to journalists and media professionals from 166 countries where UNDP operates.
During the last celebration of Youth Day on 15 August in Rio de Janeiro, Ahmad Alhendawi, the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, has pointed out the importance of inspiring youth as a key to the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In this occasion, the young students also met him and showed their engagement towards a better and more sustainable homeland.

Meet the young people selected:
William Frederick de Moura Souza: “Journalism – specifically sports journalism- is the career I want to pursue, since I am fascinated by sports.”
Eliésio Moraes Macêdo: “Besides being a subject I love, the program would not only increase my knowledge but also my network.”
Leticia Campêlo de Oliveira: “I have already been a volunteer, but have not found a project that interested me as much as this.”
Arthur Augusto Ferreira Silva: “I am a resident of the Baixada Fluminense and in my community, young people have no voice or are silenced, and often the media (TV, radio, newspapers etc.) only speak of the violence carried out by young people. But they never speak about the difficulties that young people have in the Baixada. Often, young people leave home to go to school and school is canceled, transportation is difficult, there’s a lack of employment, a lack of culture for young people … And there is a paradigm that says that my generation just wants to party. It’s a lie! We want to have a voice in society, job opportunities and to have our rights respected. We have courage, ideas and the ability to make it happen through demonstrations, marches and occupying schools. So I want to be a young journalist to give representation to the youth of my city, and I believe this is my best chance to do that. Because at that time, the attention of the world will be focused on the Olympic Games Rio 2016.”
Larissa Duarte Brandao Merheb: “I believe in the potential that the youth perspective has. It is important to enable and empower youth in this regard. So, as a young researcher and documentarian, participating in the program would be a unique opportunity to learn the importance of exposing the world to a vision of the Olympic Games that carry the characteristics of youth.”
Victor Hugo Pereira: “My dream is to be a journalist. This is a great opportunity to learn a little more about the craft, to show the best that there is in my country and to make a difference. It would be an amazing experience.”
Juliana Bogéa do Carmo: “I would like to participate, it is an excellent opportunity for my professional and intellectual growth. With the entry into the program, I can expand my knowledge and further develop my writing, and acquire more knowledge and start this great opportunity, which is the first step to realize my dream, which is to become a journalist.”
Ana Beatriz Vieira da Costa: “I believe that this program will help me in my professional choice and broaden my knowledge.”
To read the Young Journalists stories, go to jovemjornalista.

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