SDGs: An ‘appeal to a generation’ so that future generations can live better

The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were the subject of a symposium held during the 22th World Conference on Health Promotion on 25 May in Curitiba, Brazil.

For the director of the RIO+ Centre, Romulo Paes de Sousa, who was a speaker at the symposium, the SDGs are “an appeal to a generation so that future generations can live better”. He emphasized that implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a responsibility of all of us, including governments, citizens, civil society organizations and the private sector. The SDGs represent a unique opportunity to protect people and the planet where we all live, opening new pathways towards more inclusive and sustainable development.

22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health PromotionThe World Conference on Health Promotion is an initiative of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE). It provides a timely opportunity to assess progress, share strategies, exchange research results and reflect on innovative practices and policies that promote health and equity, at all levels of governance. The aim is to create a global forum where researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in and concerned about the promotion of health and equity will share and discuss new knowledge, innovations in practice and policy and cutting edge experience.

Further information available at the conference website.

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