RIO+ Centre’s SDGs countdown: a goal a day!

The countdown to the adoption of a new set of global development goals is already underway and represents the culmination of over two years of global discussion, debate and negotiation between countries on a development agenda that can effectively advance the well-being of people and planet. The Post-2015 agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will set the development narrative and guide the work of policy makers and stakeholders for the coming 15 years to 2030. The ambitious Post-2015 agenda with its 17 SDGs will replace the outgoing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) building on their foundation, advances and various lessons learned.

The SDG agenda promises to bring development back into the mainly poverty reduction approach of the MDGs allocating a stronger focus on integrated approaches that link social, environmental, political and economic dimensions of development while giving due priority to issues of inequality, human rights and dignity for all.

In an increasingly multi-polar world, the principle of a universally applicable set of SDGs – making them applicable to rich and poor countries alike – holds the potential of blurring traditional North-South dynamics that has framed development practice for decades and promoting South-South and triangular cooperation in various areas covered by the SDGs.  In addition, measuring progress against equitable and sustainable development benchmarks may have a powerful equalizing effect between countries in the global North and South demonstrating that they may not be as far apart as conventional measures of progress suggest.

The launch of the Post-2015 agenda during the UN Summit in New York (between September 25th – 27th), is the apex of an unprecedented participatory process initiated during the Rio+20 Conference. Since then, several groups, governments, individuals and organizations have spent countless hours to build this proposal. This moment is particularly important for the UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+ Centre), a legacy of the Rio+20 Conference, since it will mark the beginning of a new era for sustainable development, which is conceived to leave no one behind by 2030.

Following our mission to be a hub for sustainable development initiatives, the RIO+ Centre is initiating a 17 days countdown until the official launch of the SDGs at the UN Summit. Each day one SDG will be presented (starting with SDG 17), with a brief explanation of its nature, some key aspects and examples on how the RIO+ Centre and the UNDP aims to advance these Goals. Our objective is to raise awareness on the topic and incentivize a broad range of actors to engage in the implementation phase that will follow suit. Stay connected and share your opinion regarding this #action2015 initiative!

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