The road towards the SDG Indicators

Throughout June, The World Centre for Sustainable Development (RIO+ Centre) has been working closely with the Brazilian Institute for Statistics and Geography (IBGE) to support their work on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) indicators, both at the national and regional level – Brazil is Mercosur’s + Chile representative at the United Nations’ Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDGs Indicators (IAEG-SDG).

The Centre and the IBGE hosted a meeting of national statistics institutes from Mercosur countries on June 19th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which also had the participation of a Chilean Statistical Officer. The event aimed at updating the group and fine-tuning the South Cone’s position regarding the SDGs Indicators drafting process. The government representatives shared information on their respective negotiating processes and also exchanged perspectives on the proposed indicators. Furthermore, participants compared their plans for coordinating the debate and implementing these indicators at the national level.

An additional objective was to explore whether there was room for a regional stance on this matter, bearing in mind that the next round of negotiations will take place in October in New York.

At the national level, the RIO+ Centre partnered with IBGE to host the “Data Producers Meeting towards the Post-2015 Development Agenda” on June 29th–July 1st in Rio de Janeiro. This event gathered domestic inputs for drafting an indicators proposal for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will orientate the Brazilian position in the global negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda. Prior to the event IBGE had solicited inputs via a national online survey of all official data producers to assess the feasibility and relevance of each of the proposed indicators. Over 50 institutions participated in the survey and the meeting, enabling a comprehensive review of the indicators from actors from across the thematic areas of the SDGs. Policy makers, data producers and UN agencies provided their perspectives on the subject. This process and gathering are helping to lay the groundwork for national measurement and implementation of the SDGs.

Several Mercosur representatives considered the Brazilian survey to be a good practice and have expressed interest in pursuing a similar approach. The RIO+ Centre is providing assistance by translating the tool to Spanish and following up with IBGE for the possible diffusion of the survey within the region. The objective is to trigger the interest of other countries, helping to further the debate of the SDGs Indicators and bolstering South-South Cooperation.

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