RIO+ Centre will focus on social protection, cities, forests, financing and the SDGs

Work will consider the issues of inequalities – including gender – and governance that can serve as drivers or barriers to the achievement of equitable and sustainable development.

Based on the UNDP restructuring, its first Governance Board meeting in November 2014 and an internal office retreat in February 2015, the RIO+ Centre has taken steps to further shape its vision and mission for sustainable development and define ways for implementation that can lead to transformative change in key areas. UNDP reorganizade the entire organization in 2014 to improve its institutional effectiveness to meet the objectives of its four-year Strategic Plan (2014-2017).

Going forward, the Centre’s focus will narrow to five areas of intervention, which are in line with the Board recommendations and Centre’s mandate: social protection; urbanization with a focus on sustainable cities; sustainable management of natural capital with forests as an entry point; financing for sustainable development; and the implementation of the post-2015 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. These build on the initial six areas of work but reflect areas where the Centre has a clear pathway to influence and engagement at both the global and national levels.

The work on the new five thematic areas will be implemented under a consistent analysis of the inequalities – including gender – and the governance issues that can serve as drivers or barriers to achieve equitable and sustainable development at the local, national and global levels.

For each thematic area, the Centre aims at working on big results and on concepts and ideas that will change the trajectory of development. To accomplish this goal, the Centre will deliver on specific tools and instruments that can help UNDP guide countries towards implementation of sustainable development policies.

The RIO+ Centre Implementation Strategy for 2015-2016 will also contribute to the successful employment of the UNDP Global Policy Centres (GPCs). In so doing, we will keep our primary areas of focus: evidence gathering, debate triggering and coalition-building while also emphasizing tools and instruments that can support action and execution of processes of change.

Along with other GPCs, the RIO+ Centre forms a network of GPCs that leverages UNDP’s global positioning to strengthen the Bureau for Programme and Policy Support (BPPS), which leads on all policy and programme support services for the entire organization. This allows the Centre to be effective and impactful of multiple levels and to, also, identify key strategic areas of influence for transformation.

The Centre is mandated to address the Sustainable Development Agenda, adoption of equitable and sustainable development that integrates social, economic and environmental dimensions at all times while being a reference Centre primarily for the South.

3 Comments on “RIO+ Centre will focus on social protection, cities, forests, financing and the SDGs

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  2. Good afternoon, Rio+ Centre. Can I to write in Portuguese? Gostaria de colaborar na elaboração dos conceitos e ideias focados em cidades sustentáveis. A minha especialização é na área de comunicação. Obrigado e parabéns, mais uma vez.

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