Taking Gender-Smartness Beyond the Numbers: Where to Start in Agriculture?

By Leisa Perch

This infographic represents some key findings from the RIO+Centre/FANRPAN Gender Assessment of CSA Policy and Action in five Southern Africa countries. Capturing the findings of our online Gender and CSA Survey it reflects a number of key governance concerns relating to the policy as well as change spaces in which sustainable development operates indicating opportunities for change as well as continuing challenges. Looking through the lens of some of the key sub-sectors within agriculture, we identify issues of locality and rainwater as key issues – reconfirming that these issues still remain relevant despite advances in technology. We can conclude that:

  • Gender is relevant to CSA and remains a key issues in terms of defining who, when, what and how
  • Despite significant attention to finance over the last decade, credit still remains an important challenge. Along with labour and inputs – easier and more consistent access will be important for the adaptability and flexibility of farmers, particularly women small-holder farmers.
  • Men and women share common perspectives but do see problems, opportunities and challenges differently including who they are more likely to rely on in solution-making

In one of the most pivotal years for sustainable development policy at the global level, we hope this can contribute to the debate on the role of gender and how it should influence and shape policy particularly how benefits are equally shared across society and what such equality needs to look like.

Click here to see the whole infographic.

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