Empowering sustainability starts with good policy

RIO+ Centre and FANRPAN partnership publishes first case study

Women, especially in developing countries, are disproportionately impacted by climate change, but they refuse to be passive victims of their circumstance.

In 2010 IUCN as part of GGCA, in collaboration with UNWomen, embarked on a project to develop gender and climate change strategies on behalf of several developing country governments, starting with Mozambique. Through multi-stakeholder workshops that included government representatives, civil society, and academia, IUCN developed a strategy and thematic action plan brings gender equality and women’s empowerment to the heart of climate action on the ground and brings climate change in gender policy.

With global climate policy negotiations moving at a snails pace and communities in developing countries already feeling the adverse impacts on the ground, it is clear we need to act urgently,” says Leisa Perch, Policy Specialist at the Rio+ World Centre on Sustainable Development. “IUCN, as part of the GGCA, has broken new ground on mobilizing women and men around climate action and this effort is worth highlighting.”

The Mozambique case study is the first of a 5-part series of case studies published by the Rio+ Centre exploring interesting stories from within the Southern African region on how gender is mainstreamed in climate change and agricultural policy. The studies consider the people, policies and institutions that have allowed some efforts to move beyond social consequences analysis and to respond to both strategic and practical gender needs.

Download the Mozambique case study here.

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